Ottawa Concrete is one of the best concrete contractors in Navan.

The technicians at Ottawa Concrete specializes in site preparation, placing, forming, and finishing services. The company is composed of concrete specialists and professionals who have been in the construction industry for years and are skilled in doing concrete construction in Navan and other areas in the Ottawa area.

Our concrete technicians also provide placing and finishing services, delivering all types of flatwork for walls, driveways, patios, sidewalks, garages, basements and more.

Concrete Supply Navan

A good mixture of concrete is the best way to achieve high quality and durable structure. That is why one of the most important steps in concrete construction is preparing the mixture that will be added to the concrete and their corresponding proportions.

On top of that, there are also different factors that have to be considered, including among them are the cement type, mineral, and chemical admixtures, and amount of water.

Due to these varying factors that must be considered, it is important that you look for an experienced contractor that will design the concrete mix. Ottawa Concrete is a company with years of experience in doing concrete construction services. We are equipped with well-trained technicians that are skilled in designing the concrete mixture depending on the type of the project.

Coordination Process

Coordination of the trades is one of the most important parts of the process in a construction project. This is particularly important in electrical and mechanical works.

Navan Concrete Placing

When it comes to installing the concrete mixing truck, it is best to have it positioned as close to the site as possible, this way, the concrete can be easily poured into the forms. However, if it is not possible to park the car near the construction area, the concrete can be transported in buckets through a wheelbarrow or a crane.

If on the other hand, it is impossible to transport the concrete in buckets due to the distance or the size of the area, it can also be pumped to the site by one of our concrete pumps. This will then be done through a system of pipe or hoses.

Finishing Process for Concrete in Navan

The final treatment of the concrete surface is finishing. This is done after it was mixed and placed to achieve the desired property.

Finishing can be as simple as pushing a wide blade over the concrete to achieve a flat surface. This process is also called screeding.

Screeding is the process of ensuring a flat surface on the concrete. If there are low spots that are not flattened during screeding, it can be filled and leveled by means of bull floating. After screeding and bull-floating, Edging is performed to ensure the durability of the sides and of the edges. This will also protect the concrete from scaling and chipping.

Floating and troweling can also be done to smoothen the surface of a concrete. Floating and troweling is the process of compacting and smoothing the concrete surface, and compared to screeding, it is done when the concrete is already starting to harden.

Then, after the concrete hardens, mechanical finishing will be done to ensure that the surface will be less slippery and rough. Mechanical finishing can also be used to polish the surface and can serve as a decorative step to bring out the beauty of a special aggregate like creating marble chips.

Here at Ottawa Concrete, we also use concrete dyes and surface molds to imitate the appearance of decorative pavers, bricks, or even ceramic tile.

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