Ottawa Concrete is the best concrete company in Ottawa South.

Whether it be for walls, stairs, stairs, driveways, pads, retaining walls, or patio, our company can provide you with the best quality concrete installation. We take pride in our work and we are willing to guarantee our clients their money back if the results are not up to the highest standards in the concrete industry. Our team also does foundation work, pouring, and finishing.

Our teams of concrete specialists are available in:


If you are looking for concrete contractors and suppliers in Ottawa South, Ottawa Concrete is the best concrete company for you.

The company is made of concrete technicians that are well trained, skilled, and experienced in providing quality work. Plus, Ottawa Concrete has a strong infrastructure that enables our professional WSIB-registered staff to serve and provide our concrete specialists and supplies to various projects, whether commercial, residential, or government projects.

Best Concrete Contractors in Ottawa South

Ottawa Concrete is an independent concrete company that provides all kinds of concrete work.

We use advanced types of machinery and high-end foundation, designs, and finishes when providing services to our clients. With this, we have become a leader in the industry and have been providing quality services for years.


We Are Serving Ottawa South Area

Starting from pouring the foundation for houses, garages, driveway, line way, up to finishing and placing floors and walls, our experienced professionals will be right on your doorstep to help.
Our concrete specialists provide services in Ottawa and in the Ottawa South area. We provide services for various concrete projects, may it be for residential, commercial, or government property. In addition to that, we also provide all levels of concrete services in Ottawa South.